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$150 per song* - This covers session setup, recording your song, and two (2) additional retakes; for a total of up to 3 different versions of the same (one) song. If more retakes are requested (i.e., more than the included two), they will be billed at a reduced rate of $75 per song for another 2 takes. Examples, notes, MIDI drums or references (styles, songs, artists, etc.) are extremely helpful and I encourage you to attach them with your email.


Once all tracks are completed, all versions of the song will be emailed back to the client. All recorded tracks will be emailed as separate files of each channel without processing; as ultimately, five different sound engineers will provide five different sounding mixes. Thus, the final drum tracks that will be provided will be clean and unmixed, leaving all post production up to the client. 

Track #’s are as follows:

  1. Kick Drum 

  2. Snare

  3. Snare Bottom

  4. Rack Tom

  5. Floor Tom

  6. Hi Hat

  7. Overhead Left

  8. Overhead right

Please inquire about package deals for Demos/EP’s/Full Albums.

Copies of previously recorded tracks can be provided at a later date for $25 per song.


Paypal, Venmo, Visa & MasterCard accepted.  

*Subject to change depending on song needs.