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Go to the CONTACT PAGE and send me an email (Anthony@AMSdrums.com) about your desired song/project. Initially, my objective is to find out a few things:

  1. What is your overall goal as an artist?

  2. Do you have a desired sound you are trying to achieve? Do you have any examples?

  3. What is the deadline?

Once we have discussed the project and desired goals the next steps are:

  1. Set up a deposit to begin initial work (10% or $25, whichever is less). Deposit amount is put towards the final payment balance.

  2. Email your song/songs (minus drums) to Anthony@AMSdrums.com

    1. NOTE: Please include the Tempo, Bit Depth, and Sample Rate with your songs. Additionally, please make sure that the file is consolidated from the beginning of Bar 1. Songs need to be played and recorded to a click track. Lastly, you need to provide at least 2 “blank” measures up front before the song begins.

  3. I will record a take (Take 1), create a stereo mix and email it to you.

  4. Each song gets 2 free retakes (3 takes total). See PRICING for additional takes.

  5. Once you approve of the final take you will receive a final email invoice for your final payment.

  6. Once final payment has been remitted, all final tracks will be emailed or uploaded to Dropbox.com

  7. The output file format will be .WAV